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Gregg County Youth Expo

2024 Show Schedule

Tuesday, January 2nd
2:00pm: Work day at the Longview Fairgrounds Livestock Pavilion
All Junior Board Members and Advisors

Wednesday, January 3rd
8-10am: Drop off for Horticulture and Food Projects
Judging Starts 30 minutes following drop off
10am: Sift Broilers
Show start immediately following; showmanship occurs during the broiler show
Rabbit Weigh In: 30 minutes following the conclusion of the Broiler Show:
Show Immediately following
Showmanship will follow market show
Breeding show will follow showmanship
2-3pm Pick up Horticulture and Food Projects

Thursday, January 4th
6am- 8am: All Animal Weigh In
9am: Swine Show
Lambs: Immediately following swine Show
Goats: Immediately following lamb show
Breeding Doe: immediately following market goat show
Cattle: 30 minutes following goat show
*Showmanship will be following each species
*Breeding Does and Markets Goats will compete together for showmanship

*5pm-7pm Ag Mech Move Option 1

Friday, January 5th
6:00-7:30am Ag Mech Move In Option 2, All Projects in place by 7:30am.
8am: Ag Mech Show Starts
NOON or following Show: All Ag Mech sale projects must be in place at the Longview Fairgrounds Exhibit Building Non Sale projects must be removed from location immediately.
1:00pm: Meal Starts
2:00pm: Sale of Champions – Longview Fairgrounds Exhibit Building (Next to Showgrounds)